Nothing is better than leaving the composers, directors and musicologists themselves to be the ones who draw a small sketch of the SIGMA PROJECT.

My gratefulness to Andrés Gomis, Josetxo Silguero, Angel Soria and Michael Romero, components of SIGMA Project, for the extraordinary and unforgettable work they realized at the premiere of my work [Simog-Civitella].

The precision and fineness with which each of them approached the study of every part is admirable; also the success in the way of investigating and deciding the global sound that matched every situation, not always easy to find for the musical notation is precise, but not absolute. What a great dose of imagination is required always on the side of the interpreter, exploring and comprehending the aesthetics and the techniques of the composer whom he or she interprets.

I can only be grateful, and congratulate them, on the perfect connection with the ideas I expressed, both from the technical and poetical point of view.

Their way of working includes the listening of many works of the composer they are working with, and the deep reflection on his way of thinking the music, which turns SIGMA Project into one of the best quartets of saxophones at the international panorama.

José Manuel López López (National Music Award 2000)

París, 14/X/2011

Following the meaning of the mathematical symbol that gives name to the group, Sigma (summation) Project presented a program in which the music was the indispensable, but not the only element at the Contemporary Music Day in Musikaste. The concert was a sum of elements in which the lighting, electroacustics and even the corporal gestures joined to form a heap of intentions and sensations of special visual and sonorous impact.

Sigma Project is a quartet of saxophones formed by four high-level instrumentalists, who share feelings and connect to perfection. Neither doubts nor blanks existed. The five presented works allowed to know not only the most recent ways of composition, but also the possibilities of a plural, rich instrument to approach diverse styles and paces, and with a wide sonorous range.

Aitor Álvarez

Diario Vasco, Mayo 2011

The musical contemporary creation still remains a small island inside the social generality of the music, and every concert is a gained or lost opportunity. An opportunity either to transmit ideas and new stimuli or to support the routine that spoils the artistic fact. It is not a question of looking for the originality, but of refreshing attitudes and the most alive forms of the musical avant-garde that, beyond aesthetic cliches, has been bequeathed to us in the last decades; and from this context, continuing exploring with honesty and fidelity to oneself’s sensibility. […] This is the direction chosen by Sigma Project. They go out to the stage barefooted and there will be some who think of it as paltry snobbery. It is not the case. For them, feeling the ground without filters, with Mediterranean spirit, is part of the need to do music without hobbles or prejudices, with the precision and emotion that forms naturality.

Juan Carlos Torres (composer & poet)

Madrid, 2009

“If I had to summarize in two words the personality of the saxophone quartet SIGMA Project, I would not hesitate: originality and perfection. Originality, in the young inventive way of approaching the ceremony of concert and the performed works; perfection, because that playful, daring spirit not only adds to the rigour and depth, but increases the strength and passion. It is a pleasure, a joy to share music with them: they communicate, give it life.”

Luis de Pablo (National Music Award 1991)

Madrid, December 2008

“… In a word: everything was fantastic. Some days ago we commented the lack of enthusiasm of the National Orchestra playing Francisco Guerrero. This night, here, at the Reina Sofia, was the exact opposite. Enthusiasm, passion, absolute dedication to the interpreted music… Unfortunately forgotten by the great chamber and symphonic music repertoire, saxophone is one of the most ductile instruments there is. This night, we have appreciated that at the solid, obsessive textures of “Akaitz”, by Felix Ibarrondo: a work of impressive strength and formal clarity, which initiated the concert; and even more (maybe) at Cristobal Halffter’s “Fractal”, a most beautiful work, performed by the original quartet, in which many rough passages interact with delicate textures without vibrato: the cruel and Medusa-like beauty of dissonances with episodes of serene beauty, we don’t know if convoluted. Sigma Project is capable of the most magic sonorities. Their textures are always clear, even at tense and aggressive moments.”

HI have attended the two concerts performed by SIGMA Project so far and it is clear for me that they are a group and an iniciative with much to say and offer. The team they form is technically sensacional. They have been open to sum (sigma!), no filling, but high-category colleagues. They program their concerts not as a mix of works, but as if every concert ‘is a work’. They have understood that conventional concerts languish and seem eager to remove the uses, either in clothing, in the attitude on the stage or by taking advantage of the places they occupy in their respective roles to incorporate acting effects or sound spatiality. They do not reject working with other artistic disciplines for mutual enrichment. It is necessary to take them into consideration.”

José Luis García del Busto (Musicologist)

Madrid, October 2008

Welcoming SIGMA Project for its fifth anniversary, after having seen their ‘birth’ in our Contemporary Musical Fortnight Series, has been a pride and a great satisfaction this August 2013. Once again, the group was distinguished by the richness and versatility of their livelihoods, addressing an eclectic and demanding repertoire, adapting and appropriating the space in which they were positioned, to serve music with passion and imagination in front of an dedicated and thankful audience, with an unquestionable loyalty to the creators, and the enthusiasm and energy of who just started a demanding and fruitful journey. Zorionak eta urte askotarako!

Ramon Lazkano (composer)

París, September 2008