The fact that Irvine Arditti himself was dazzled by the discovery of this work at a concert, the Poética del Laberinto cycle by Alberto Posadas (1967), and, at the same time, of their interpreters to whom it was dedicated to, the saxophone ensemble Sigma Project, should anticipate a clearly scrumptious listen. In this Posadian Poetic and in the Khôra cycle, by José María Sánchez-Verdú, the Sigmas possess two formidable masterpieces born out of their spur. The record has an outstanding acoustic magnitude and it is able to place us at the heart of this saturated and Escher-like building at the mercy of the dedicated Sigmas, real “Ardittis” of the saxophone.

Poética del Laberinto, E-rated record
The exceptional record rating (E) is granted to a novelty of great artistic interest and of absolute reference.

Ismael G. Cabral
Music critic

Scherzo Magazine, June 2020