Nothing better than leaving it up to the composers, programmers, directors and musicologists themselves to draw a small sketch of SIGMA Project.

Here are the most important reviews:

“[…] magnificently accurate, inventive and awe inspiring performance by the spaniards. I thought this sort of precision could come only from a quartet of strings”.

Irvine Arditti Irvine Arditti (June, 2017)

“Attending a concert by SIGMA Project is to experiment a musical journey,  where the joy and wonder are always present. It is also to notice a sort of a new virtuosity, understanding this term in its original meaning of “virtue” and “virtuoso”, and not just as circus show of technical and personal skills.

Mario Lavista Mario Lavista (Award Tomás Luis de Victoria, Ibero-American Music 2013)

«The fact that Irvine Arditti himself was dazzled by the discovery of this work at a concert, the Poética del Laberinto cycle by Alberto Posadas (1967), and, at the same time, of their interpreters to whom it was dedicated to, the saxophone ensemble Sigma Project, should anticipate a clearly scrumptious listen. In this Posadian Poetic and in the Khôra cycle, by José María Sánchez-Verdú, the Sigmas possess two formidable masterpieces born out of their spur»

Ismael G. Cabral Ismael G. Cabral (music critic) Scherzo Magazine

“Is it really necessary to introduce SIGMA Project in 2020? The vast quantity of concerts the group has performed during its ten-year trajectory, mainly in Europe and Latin America, the number of works commissioned during that time period, and its participation in eight albums ratify its remarkable role as one of the busiest Spanish groups and as an ambassador of newly created music”.

José Luis Besada José Luis Besada, IRCAM/Universidad de Strasbourg

“If I had to summarize in two words the personality of the saxophone quartet SIGMA Project, I would not hesitate: originality and perfection. […] It is a pleasure, a joy to share music with them: they communicate, give it life”.

Luis de Pablo Luis de Pablo (National Music Prize)

«The music of Poética del Laberinto is vastly subtle and has intricate details. Sigma Project’s four instrumentalists perform its countless effects with outstanding faithfulness».

Andrew Clements Andrew Clements (music critic), The Guardian, 12 March 2020