Sigma Orionis II

Digital Concert Season 2021 / 2022

With the title SIGMA ORIONIS, the inauguration of the first digital concert season (view link) created by the SIGMA Project quartet, the vanguard of new music in Spain.

The series, whose first edition had an audience of more than 5,000 people, will offer in this, its second season, eight concerts and an interactive dialogue table (SOMOS CONTEMPORÁNEA), which will be broadcast via YouTube and will feature works created specifically for the SIGMA Project.

For the first time a guest country will be presented, with Mexico kicking off the series with the representation of creators Georgina Derbez and Víctor Ibarra.

As part of the SIGMA ORIONIS program and as a novelty of this second edition, the music cycle will premiere three video art projects signed by Pascal Auger (France), César Barrio (Spain) and Pablo Magne (Argentina). Pascal Auger has accepted the challenge of creating the image for SIMOG/CIVITELLA, a work by José Manuel López López, winner of the National Music Prize. For his part, César Barrio, an artist in love with texture and light, will endorse the video art that will accompany Milk Spilt On A Stone, a composition by Helga Arias, and the Argentine visual artist Pablo Magne will close this original SIGMA Projet’s commitment to video art, with the production that will accompany the sound textures of In heaven everything is fine by Germán Alonso.

In addition to these three composers, the program of this second edition will also include the recently deceased Luis de Pablo, Golden Lion of the Venice Music Edition (2020), along with the Silver Lion of the same year Raphäel Cendo, the international Georg Friedrich Haas and the Mexicans Víctor Ibarra and Georgina Derbez.

These creators and artists of contemporary composition will introduce their works before each concert, offering clues for listening and sharing reflections on the creative process. After the concert, each of the programs will feature an interview with a relevant personality from the world of contemporary music. Journalists, performers, music publishers and composers will reveal to SIGMA Project their perspectives on various topics related to the day’s guest composer. Each day’s program will conclude with a TIP or interpretive musical tip, given by one of the quartet’s saxophonists, for performers, composers and the general public interested in musical research on the instrument.

SIGMA ORIONIS, a multiple star system in the constellation of the hunter Orion, is composed of the brightest elements of a young star cluster. Our SIGMA ORIONIS boldly pursues this young brilliance, sharing this second digital season with all Internet users who wish to join the hunt for new sounds, the perpetual search for artistic renewal.

This second digital season of SIGMA ORIONIS concerts is funded and supported by the German Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the Asociación de Intérpretes para la Difusión de la Música Actual-AIDMA of the Basque Country.

“We dedicate this second digital season of SIGMA ORIONIS concerts to the memory of our dear friends Luis de Pablo and Mario Lavista, both of whom recently passed away.”


Concert Schedule

Víctor Ibarra

20:00 CET

José Manuel López López

20:00 CET

Luis de Pablo

20:00 CET

Helga Arias

20:00 CET

Germán Alonso

20:00 CET

Luis de Pablo II

20:00 CET

Félix Ibarrondo

20:00 CET

Xavier Carbonell

20:00 CET

Live interactive dialogue

20:00 CET

Broadcast Channels

YouTube & YouTube Live
Instagram & Facebook Live

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