SIGMA PROJECT: an optimistic saxophone quartet that “works al pil-pil”

… since they first set foot on the stage of the Kursaal Auditorium in San Sebastian, the 27th of August of 2008, their activity has been frantic. The repertoire they have provided to the instrument’s history would have been unimaginable some decades ago. The hiatus caused by the health crisis has engulfed these musicians in a landslide of “different feelings”.

SIGMA Project has therefore faced these difficulties with its best resources: innovation, which drives it to never stop planning for the future, excitement and joy brought by recently being able to return to on-site rehearsals as well as the stage, fortune felt by its musicians for being part of this project and a combative spirit to strengthen “the unity and defense of the cultural sector”. Thus, with a renewed spirit, the quartet has been able to recover some of the performances that had been left pending.

Last 12th of September it made its debut at the Mixtur Festival in Barcelona. The program deployed by the saxophonists is a good example: the absolute premiere of Homeless Carrera by the French Raphaël Cendo, funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, Sigma Waves by Hèctor Parra, Milk Spilt on a Stone by Helga Arias, and three miniatures by fledging composers from China, Turkey and Germany, who had participated in the composition workshop.

SIGMA Project still has many limits to cross and surprises to offer. Therefore, it is keeping up its efforts, “which has become complicated nowadays, but not entirely difficult”.

Daniel Martínez Babiloni
music critic

Bachtrack, 21/X/2020