December 3rd, 2020 – 20:00 CET | Concert I

Raphaël CENDO (Niza, 1975)
Silver Lion of the Venice Music Biennale 2020, for being the initiator of the aesthetic current of “saturation”

Homeless Carrera (2020)

Presentation by Raphaël Cendo and Alberto Chaves (SIGMA Project soloist)

Concert: Homeless Carrera (2020)

Conversation between Misael Gauchat, director of the Maison ONA (Paris) and Alberto Chaves

Musical tip: Polyphony on the saxophone. Ángel Soria (SIGMA Project soloist)

Homeless Carrera (2020) for saxophone quartet and electronics
Work commissioned by SIGMA Project with funding from the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung
World premiere 12/IX/2020, Festival Mixtur (Barcelona)

The piece, written for saxophone quartet SIGMA Project, is essentially based on harmonic tensions and a formal saturated trajectory that favours breaks and silences. In continuity with his orchestral work Denkklänge, his new and recent composition Homeless Carrera explores saturated timbres (multiphonic, fast movements, maximum tension) confronting them with a more heterogeneous dialectic or with strange sound objects that disturb the initial energy as complex and distant vibrations. These new entities open a parallel world as a negative discourse of the initial energy, a kind of discourse of the ashes and disappearance rather than of the fire initially heard.

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